After Care And Advice

All the following info is with all extensions -
How to care for your Hair Extensions ?
Individual bonds itips/ utips / nano tip 
Having individual bonds do need the most care when it comes to looking after it and keeping it well maintained.
washing method _ always wash in a downward motion not rubbing vigorously that can cause knotting and matting
rub the shampoo into the hair in a light downwards motion and rinse out well and apply conditioner in the same way be careful not to get the conditioner close to the bonds, this will case them to slip out sooner and will need refitting which means more expense.
Get recommended shampoo and conditioner for your hair.
Look for ones that have less or no silicone in.Most shampoo can cause your bonds to brake up and become loose or slip out so look for your recommended brand and ask your hair dresser or extensionist what will work best for you.
Using heated applicences- always use heat protection spray whilst using straighteners, curlers and even hair dryer. these will make your hair become very dry and will not last as long as they should with out some protection 
use plenty of oils and leave in conditioners to ensure your hair is always moisturised. Olive oil , coconut oil, argon oil, morrocan oil are all good for your hair,so use one of these daily to keep the shine of your hair with out it looking damaged.
Sleeping with your Hair in - always tie your hair up whilst sleeping with your Extensions in, to avoid matting or tangling your hair.
Tie up in a plait or a pony to keep your hair knot free.
Exercising or swimming - you can enjoy all your normal activity's whilst wearing the hair. but try not to wash your hair to often i recommend washing no more than 2-3 times a week so if your finding your hair is getting a little greasy then use dry shampoos, this will take out all the oils and smell fresher and feel fresher. swimming with your hair to often can cause it to dry out very quickly so try not to get your hair in the the chlorine to often but occasionally wont hurt your hair. just be sure to completely moisturise it straight after with your oils and conditioners.
If you follow these simple steps you will enjoy wearing your hair for longer