Do you feel good when you have new hair?

I don’t know about you but personally i feel my best when i look great with lush long locks that looks so natural like my own.No matter how short or thin your hair may be there is hope for us all. Heavenly Hair is my own personal brand of Hair but the reason why i love using my Indian Remy Hair Extensions is i know im getting 100% Human Hair, Long lasting super soft and silky Hair. I have personally bought a lot of different brands of hair in the past iv tried them all! some are good and some are really bad.

I want to share my personal experiences with every one of the hair that is actually out there.

I have gone out to buy hair and ended up with mixed human and synthetic Hair. Ok lets say if its cheap your NOT getting what you think your buying, you are buying rubbish. This hair wont style properly, wont dye and will feel like plastic strands it might look good in the packet but when you install it you will soon realize what you have just bought.

Synthetic Extensions –

You see all these images on the net of lovely Hair Extensions and see there synthetic and say hay i got to try these out they look great and there only ¬£9.99 bargain !! Be prepared to throw these away in a hour after you put them in and realize a brush wont even get through it. You try to separate the hair and turns in to one but knot, so you get frustrated and throw them away, well that’s what i did.

Non Remy Hair extensions are ok but not great-

If you are on a budget and can only afford non Remy hair then that’s fine but be prepared to look after it as non remy hair isn’t cuticle corrected you will get knots and tangles so be sure to keep brushing it through continuously and keep it moisturized with oils and conditioners because it will get knotty and you will need to take care of it more than you would with Remy hair. But at least your buying 100% Human Hair.

I want to help all the hair lovers out there. I have the hair you are looking for. Hair that lasts, hair that you will love and i can say all my customers always come back.

I’ll keep you all updated on new hair colours and any thing new that will be available on my site. Also some tips and tricks and styles for your hair.